On November 30, 2015 Mayor Coleman and Mayor Vanderpuije of Accra, Ghana came together to sign an agreement which entered Columbus into a formal partnership with Accra, Ghana!! The ceremony took place in the beautiful King Arts Complex‘s Pythian Theater in front of a crowd of about 150 people. With thousands of Ghanaians living in Columbus, important community ties with the Accra region are already in place. Greater Columbus is committed to celebrating its Ghanaian community as well as fostering a connection between the Black Diaspora and the African continent. This partnership is a multi-dimensional one seeking to create exchanges in economic development, arts & culture, education, as well as promote environmental stewardship.

In 2013, Mayor Coleman commissioned GCSCI with the task of finding an African Sister City. In December 2014, after much research and discussion, The African Sister City Search Committee which was made up of business professionals, cultural leaders, academia, and leaders from Columbus’ African community, formally recommended Accra, Ghana to be Columbus’ first African sister city.

Accra is the capital and largest city in Ghana, with an urban population of over 2 million (4 million metro). Exchange between the two cities is already in place! The Ohio State University has had numerous study abroad programs with Ghana and the Accra region, as well as the Ghana Sustainable Change Program. Franklin University recently signed a formal partnership with Laweh Open University College in Accra, offering online degrees to Laweh students through Franklin University. In addition, the King Arts Complex intends to enter into a sister institution agreement withNational Theatre of GHANA which will open up an incredible avenue for exchange in arts, music, dance, theater and culture. Finally, various business in Columbus, including Development Consulting International and Glocal Green Built Ghana agree that Accra is and will be an excellent location to “develop business relationships and create mutually beneficial partnerships”.

GCSCI looks forward to partnering with all of the above organizations as well as the Ghanaian community to develop a strong, sustainable sister city relationship. If you would like to be involved, have ideas or current connections, please contact us!

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