Accra-Columbus Committee Marks First Year, Elects New Chairman and Secretary

Accra-Columbus Committee Marks First Year, Elects New Chairman and Secretary

June 23, 2016

The GCSCI Accra-Columbus Committee marked its first year by holding elections on Saturday. Mr. Benjamin Okley Anyemenu was chosen as the new chairman of the committee and Ms. Naki Akrobettoe was elected secretary. GCSCI looks forward to working with Mr. Anyemenu and Ms. Akrobettoe as the Accra-Columbus Committee continues to foster a strong relationship between the communities of Columbus and Accra.

The Accra-Columbus Committee has accomplished much over the last year under the leadership of its previous Chairman, Mr. Patrick Odoi. “I take this opportunity to thank all members for your contributions and help since the Accra Committee was established a little over a year ago,” said Mr. Odoi.

“GCSCI commends Patrick Odoi for his leadership in organizing this committee and setting a high standard for the Accra-Columbus Committee going forward. We particularly value their success in fundraising, increasing community engagement with GCSCI, and mobilizing support for multiple connections between Columbus and Accra,” said GCSCI President Tim Sword.

In the past year, the Accra-Columbus Committee successfully raised $5,000, which allowed them to make significant contributions to Columbus’ relationship with Accra. These funds were utilized to:

  • Sponsor and orchestrate the official Accra-Columbus Sister City signing ceremony held on November 30, 2015, in collaboration with GCSCI, the Mayor’s Office, and the King Arts Complex. The Committee was instrumental in welcoming Accra Mayor Alfred Vanderpuije and his delegation during the event.
  • Respond to the June 2015 devastating flood and fire by donating funds to the efforts of the National Reconstructive Surgery and Burns Center at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
  • Collaborate with the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the King Arts Complex in an artist exchange by sponsoring Naki Akrobettoe that allowed her to perfrom in a production of “A Raisin in the Sun” at the National Theatre of Ghana in February.

The Accra-Columbus Committee and GCSCI look forward to welcoming a business and legislative delegation from Accra this summer, as well as planning an official delegation to Accra this fall. These types of exchanges will help both cities continue to grow stronger together and foster a sustainable relationship.

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