Educators from Hefei, China Sister City Drop Into GCSCI Office

Educators from Hefei, China Sister City Drop Into GCSCI Office

August 19, 2016

GCSCI had the opportunity to meet with 10 student affairs professionals from our Sister City Hefei, China today and share our unique experiences working with higher education. We were very excited to open a dialogue about our approaches to student needs and the similarities and differences between them. Specifically, we discussed how the transition from high school to college is very difficult regardless of geographic location. Our guests shared the three main stages of a typical student’s university experience in China; learning to function without the direct assistance of family members, building an academically driven lifestyle, and ultimately finding a job that fits your skill set.

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We also talked about the nuances of bringing adjunct professors into an academic environment. Their ability to bring outside experience to the classroom was highlighted as a distinct benefit while an unfamiliarity with student’s level of knowledge was seen as a hindrance. Ultimately, everyone agreed that the inclusion of outside resources was critical for a wholesome and relevant learning experience. Before ending our meeting, each guest shared what they think makes the Anhui providence unique and more importantly what makes it home.

Highlights include:

  • A world renowned performance theatre known as The Yellow Opera
  • The beautiful Huangshan Mountains (also known as The Yellow Mountains), which are known for their Huangshan pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and view of the clouds above
  • World renowned tea production such as the Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Anhui Qihong Tea, Anjui Tun Green Tea, and Anhui Houkui Tea
  • A Rich history dating back to China’s inception
  • Mao Doufu, or “Hairy Tofu.” A very popular dish in the Anhui Providence that we look forward to trying one day in the future

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to meet with educational leaders from one of Columbus’ Sister Cities. We learned something new about a different culture and established a brief, but meaningful friendship as well. On top of that, eating Hairy Tofu has been added to each of our bucket lists.   hefei 2

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