Carly Damman: Marathon Ambassador to Curitiba

This fall GCSCI sent 12 ambassadors to our sister cities in Germany, Brazil, and China. These individuals were not your typical “official” representatives of Columbus in suits and ties; all of them were marathon runners taking part in GCSCI’s Marathon Exchange Program. In order to learn more about their individual experiences in these vastly different[…]

Columbus International Program Director Travels to Sister City of Hefei, China

Columbus International Program‘s Executive Director Mark Poeppelmen and Chinese Business Development Coordinator, Jiyu Jia took a trip to China in the beginning of October. Their stops included our sister city of Hefei and our sister state of Hubei. While in Hefei, Mark and Jiyu met with our counterpart Becky Liu and Shen Yekui, the Vice[…]


Greater Columbus Sister Cities International holds athlete exchanges each year with our sister cities that also host a marathon or half marathon. This year, we are excited to continue our exchange program with Hefei, China, Curitiba, Brazil and for the fifth year, Dresden, Germany! Three local athletes stand a chance of representing Columbus at the[…]