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Thousand People of Genoa

Thousand People of Genoa

In Spring 2018, Greater Columbus Sister Cities International (GCSCI) with the generous support of Columbus City Council, hosted Emanuele Timothy Costa, a photographer from Columbus’ sister city of Genoa, Italy. The idea began in 2015, during a GCSCI Young Professionals Exchange to Genoa led by Councilmember Priscilla Tyson. The group was introduced to Costa, who is best known for his project called the Thousand People of Genoa. The project is a diverse collection of portraits of people in Genoa. Through the medium of photography, Costa creates a sense of connection, belonging and understanding of people which he wished to extend worldwide. 

Embracing the Sister City goal of people-to-people connection, GCSCI and Councilmember Tyson began planning for a two-week photo exchange. Costa provided his portraits from Genoa for an exhibit which was displayed at five local Columbus locations, exposing the people of Columbus to the people of Genoa. 

Additionally, during the two weeks his portraits were displayed, he also began to take portraits of the people of Columbus for an exhibit that will be displayed in Genoa, Italy in October 2019.

Program Date
March 2018 -April 2018
Genoa, Italy
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