Sankofa Sojourn

Greater Columbus’ Sister City International Youth Ambassador, Albert Matthews IV, was one of our star participants in Pan-African Connections’ 2018 Youth Sankofa Sojourn to Ghana.  He was consistently one of the leading voices in group discussion and bridged the gap between youth from other participating cities, including Camden, NJ and Baltimore, MD. 

While on long bus rides, he used his witty, engaging humor and freestyle raps, complete with hand tapped-beats, to galvanize group energy and build trip unity.

Beyond this, as a GCSCI Youth Ambassador, he followed up the Ghana trip by being among Columbus’ first high school students to participate in the National SCI Youth Leadership Summit, in Colorado, this past August. Albert excels as a communicator and did well representing our group to current Accra Mayor Hon. Mohammed Sowah and Ghanaian Member of Parliament Hon. Alfred Vanderpuije.

After the trip, Albert’s mother, Latosha Matthews said that “Since Albert’s return, he’s been more focused, has gained perspective, and shows more responsibility for his actions. He even went back to a prior teacher and remarked that he didn’t apply himself as much as he could have in class and planned to change that in future years.

Program Date
July 2018
Accra, Ghana
Supporting Partners