Hefei, China

Columbus Sister City Since 1988

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Columbus’ relationship with Hefei was signed into place on November 17, 1988. Since then, we have worked with Hefei to create multiple cultural exchange programs, including our annual Marathon Exchange.

Did You Know?

Hefei is known as one of the three garden-like cities in China. By the end of 2010, the per capita green area had reached a new high of 12.5m2, the total green area was up to 90.85km2, and the percentage of greenery coverage reached 45%.


Hefei, 300 miles west of Shanghai, is the political and cultural center of the Anhui Province, which sits in the east-central part of China, a few hundred miles from the East China Sea.


5.5 million (urban) 7.9 million (metro)

Current Mayor

Dr. Luo Yunfeng

Official Language

Mandarin Chinese

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