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Columbus became Sister Cities with Tainan City on September 9, 1980. This made Tainan City the first Sister City that Columbus had in Asia.

Tainan and Columbus have accomplished a great deal over the course of our relationship. One of our more notable, and recent projects being the earthquake relief fund we developed to help aid Tainan after a devastating earthquake occurred in 2016.

Did You Know?

Tainan City is known for its fortresses and temples that date back centuries. One of its most famous sites being the Chihkan Tower, which is an 18th-century Chinese complex with gardens, intricately carved towers, and a temple erected on the foundations of Fort Provintia, a Dutch outpost dating to the mid-1600s.


Tainan City is a municipality of Taiwan and is the oldest city on the Island of Taiwan.


1.2 million (urban), 1.9 million (metro)

Current Mayor

William Lai

Official Language


Sister City Volunteer Committee

Eric McGraw

Eric McGraw has been involved in China business, education and cultural projects for more than 12 years, with experience living in Shanghai, Wuhan and traveling extensively around Mainland China. He founded Laonei Global Trade Consulting in 2010, providing foreign market competence, sales resources and personal connections to enable companies to grow in foreign markets.

In addition, Eric has been a lecturer, consultant and guest speaker at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business in cross-cultural business skills. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism/Public Relations and from The Ohio State University with a Master’s in Communication/Conflict Resolution. Eric recently joined Pacer Health, Inc. as International Business Development Manager for the Pacer App and the fitness challenge platform, Pacer for Teams.

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